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Srinivas Gowra, director with GOWRA LEASING AND FINANCE LIMITED. Srinivas Gowra is currently associated with 15 Companies and is director with Source Natural Foods And Herbal Supplements Limited, Sumeru Seeds Private Limited, Amar Bio Organics (India) Private Limited, Gowra Aerospace Technologies Private Limited, Urban Desk Private Limited, Telangana Hire Purchase Association, Gowra Ventures Pvt Ltd, Gowra Palladium Private Limited, Gowra Engineering Technologies Private Limited, Antara Computer Technologies Private Limited, Gowra Technologies Private Limited, Gowra Bits & Bytes Private Limited, Vasavi Foundation For Empowerment. As a Managing Director with Gowra Leasing And Finance Limited, Gowra Petrochem Private Limited.


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Sri Gowra Srinivas – VFE