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Scholarship Program

“Volunteering” by service oriented people across the globe is the largest phenomenon of reaching out and supporting various causes. Despite sound technical knowledge many candidates fail to impress to find good placements only because they lack a few other skills. We seek help of persons / associations or similar organisations who are willing to volunteer to identify individuals seeking financial support for education or coaching or training.

The Volunteer would interview such candidates – as per norms set out by VFE, send his recommendations. This way meritorious and deserving candidates are indentified across states and really deserving candidates are then helped appropriately.


We seek volunteers for providing training in soft skills such as Communications, Presentation, Group Discussions, Motivation etc. Training programs are proposed to be launched at different institutions / Centres where participants are invited without restrictions (except minimum educational requirements). Such training would benefit multitude of people to improve their personality.

You can volunteer in any way that suits you – your competence and time. You help at your convenience in a field or area that appeals to you most. When you educate a person; shape him or her through personality development you would have helped that person for life. VFE seeks such volunteers for various purposes.


Many candidates particularly appearing for competitive exams need coaching. VFE’s objectives include helping candidates to get coached at good institutions to make an individual more competitive. Persons who are graduates and wishing to appear for civil services, other competitive exams for placements or for admissions to higher studies would be helped by sponsoring candidates to coaching centres. Volunteer may asses a candidate and advise in applying to coaching centres and periodically monitor their progress.


VFE seeks ‘mentors’ to support students, job seekers and business people.Mentoring is a serious business and a multi directional support. Mentoring is almost like adopting a person for providing over all guidance and support step by step. It may include professional guidance, technical advice, career guidance, psychological support, social support etc. Many individuals need different supports depending on the complexity of issues he/she is facing. Persons with wisdom, experience and maturity can help shape an individual for success in life.

Volunteer – VFE