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Unlike many organisations / trusts / individuals etc who are doing a good job by supporting education or meeting other needs, VFE will assess each individual’s needs – financial and others, through interviews and extend total support for their success. These include financial support for education, boarding and lodging, training for personality development, communication and presentation skills etc.

Our students will be further provided guidance and mentoring where necessary through qualified and experienced people. Such support and guidance is for higher education, preparing for competitive exams or understanding opportunities for personal growth in different fields.


High performing students seeking higher education with in India in top institutions with limited finances or exposure are supported through financial assistance for college fee, funding for books, boarding, lodging, training, guidance and mentoring.


Individuals preparing for competitive exams for better placement, in particular in administrative services are supported through sponsorships to special training and coaching institutions, special training in soft skills such as communication, interviews, group discussions etc and through mentoring.



Individuals or group of individuals desirous of becoming entrepreneurs are supported through guidance, help and advise. Where possible they would be linked to successful and experienced entrepreneurs or mentors. VFE would also set up panels of Auditors / Company Secretaries / Legal Professionals and Consultatnts to help and advice potential entrepreneurs.

How we empower – VFE