About Us

About Us


VFE is registered as a Company under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013 (non profit organization). VFE has received approval under Section 80G of IT Act for donations made to it. It is managed professionally by a Board of Directors comprising donors and eminent citizens and a CEO. Functioning of VFE is overseen by Governing Council.


"To empower the community and build reputation by developing new generation of professional leaders."


"To provide every member of the community an opportunity for good education and employment by providing motivation, guidance and financial support. To support professionals and businessmen to achieve new heights. To get successful persons of the community to contribute to the cause."



Integrity is sacrosanct. We believe in honesty, transparency and accountability in all matters from fund utilization, election of beneficiary, delivery of work and sharing information. For us dependability and credibility shall be ‘touch stone’.  


Objectivity and professionalism will be its hallmark. VFE will operate as a professional organization and shall be responsible and responsive. Decisions will be taken based on sound, objective and professional basis.


As a Trustee of public donations, VFE undertakes to be open, honest and accountable in its relationships with everyone it works with and delivery. It will provide accurate and timely information on its activities to the stakeholders.