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Vasavi Foundation for Empowerment

Vasavi Foundation for Empowerment (VFE) is set up to empower individuals. Only an empowered individual can excel in life and earn respect in the Society. Such empowerment comes through first rate education, worthwhile placements in professional and administrative hierarchy or success in enterprise. Many talented individuals, despite their ability and ambition, are unable to achieve their full potential and realize their aspirations owing to lack of financial resources, training and guidance. VFE's support systems are designed to provide worthy candidates all assistance and support required to excel and achieve their goals.


"To empower the community and build reputation by developing new generation of professional leaders."


"To provide every member of the community an opportunity for good education and employment by providing motivation, guidance and financial support. To support professionals and businessmen to achieve new heights. To get successful persons of the community to contribute to the cause."

Vasavi Matha

Thanks to Goddess VASAVI Matha for giving us an opportunity to serve the community since 2013.


Our Programs

Formulation Development

The objective is to support individuals who upon graduation will make a difference to the community. The support is to produce highly successful scholars who can enhance the image of the community and nation.

Analytical Development & Validation

In today’s competitive world mere technical knowledge is not enough. One has to have confidence, communication ability, presentation skills and so on. VFE will organise special training programs by experienced trainers.

Stability Testing

Students, job aspirants and entrepreneurs need guidance of different levels at different stages of their progress. VFE endeavours to provide such guidance by connecting with appropriate and experienced people.

Contract Analytical Services

Vasavi Foundation for Empowerment (VFE) has tied with M/s. TalentSprint Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad for imparting employability skills to Engineering graduates seeking IT (Software Development & Test Automation) jobs.